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What Is A Routine Dental Check Up?

Dental Checkup

Most people pay a visit to their dentist at least once a year for a dental checkup. But most patients are not fully aware of the dental treatment that is occurring while sitting in the dental chair. It can be stressful hearing the noises the dental tools make. However, if you have questions it’s a much better idea to ask your dentist any questions rather than skip on your dental checkups altogether. Frequent and regular dental checkups are crucial to ensure that your teeth and gums remain healthy. You can always look up ‘dental checkup near me’ and find a good office. In order to practice good dental habits, please make sure you are following the necessary steps below every night.

Step 1 Flossing: Flossing is an important part of dental hygiene. Flossing not only removes food from hard to reach places, such as in between your teeth, but it also prevents gum disease and makes teeth stronger.

Step 2 Brushing: Brushing not only keeps teeth clean, but it is the most vital form of dental hygiene. Brushing twice daily in a circular motion and emphasizing the brush on your back molars brings out the best in our teeth and neutralizes bad breath.

Step 3 Mouthwash: After flossing and brushing be sure to finish off with mouth wash. Not only does this leave an everlasting freshness in your mouth but it kills bad breath germs on the surface of teeth.

If this is your first time going for a routine dental checkup, here’s what you should expect.

Dental History

Once you arrive at your dentist’s office, you can expect your dentist to ask questions related to your medical history. Regardless of whether it’s your first or your tenth time visiting the dentist, they will inquire about any changes in your health. It is extremely important that you honestly tell your dentist about any health problems that you might have.

Teeth Cleaning

Once you’ve shared your medical history and other health concerns, your dentist will start treatment. They usually start by cleaning your teeth thoroughly. They scrape off any built-up plaque or tartar on your teeth or below the gum line. The cleaning process advances as they start flossing between all your teeth to get rid of any extra residue.

The cleaning process is then topped off by giving your teeth a very smooth and shiny finish. The dentist uses a tooth polisher with a spinning head and an abrasive paste. This polishing completely eliminates any signs of residue that were previously missed. By the end of this process, your teeth will be so smooth that no plaque or tartar will be able to collect there.

Oral Examination

Once your teeth have become squeaky clean, it will be time to assess any issues in your mouth. A metal probe with a tiny angled mirror will be used to take a proper look between your teeth and gums. It will also aid in the softening of the tooth enamel.

Your dentist will check to see if your gums are swollen in any area or if there are any sores or redness in your mouth. Lastly, they will measure the periodontal pockets of your mouth. These pockets are basically spaces between the upper part of the gum line and the area where the gum tissues attach to the tooth. Periodontal pockets are meant to be one or three millimeters deep, anything more can be a sign of gum disease.

Dental X-Rays

Another important part of the dental checkup is your dental x-rays. Your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth to identify if there are any problems below your mouth’s surface. The x-ray process consists of a special piece of plastic that contains an imaging machine. This is placed against your cheek to display images of your gum line and jawbones. Your dentist will check what’s going on in your mouth and treat it accordingly.

Treatment Advice

Once your dental exam has been completed, your dentist will know the exact problem and will suggest a course of treatment. Oftentimes, this leads to another dental appointment where your dentist will conduct the necessary procedure needed. Your dentist also might offer you advice as to what you can do at home to remedy the issue. It’s crucial that you pay attention to what the dentist says and put it into action.

You can find a good dentist for your oral check up by searching for ‘dental check up near me.’ At Maddison Ave we help many local patients as great North Las Vegas dental office for routine dental checkups and general dentistry procedures.

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Why It Is Important to Have an Affordable Dentist Near You

affordable dentist near me

The American Dental Association recommends that every individual visits a dentist at least once a year – whether they have a dental problem or not. Regular dental checkups can help prevent gum diseases and keep your teeth healthy. We do realize that dental care is not on the cheap side, this is why we understand how important it to have an affordable dentist near you.

People often compromise on their oral health needs because the treatments can be costly and are often not covered through insurance. But having healthy teeth doesn’t only make you look good but it also prevents many serious infections and diseases that will impact your overall health.

Our offices provide affordable and effective dental care for first time and reoccurring patients. Accepting most PPO insurance plans, our patients experience satisfaction knowing that their dental treatments are covered. Additionally, our office accepts variety of payment options such as: Cash, majority of credit cards (including Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) as well as personal checks.

Different promotions are available on our website. These promotions provide discounts for patients with or without insurance. The new patient special includes first time patient examination, teeth cleaning & digital x-rays for only $79. In addition, we offer $500 off an implant treatment that also includes the free consultation. Visit the promotions page of our website to capitalize on these promotions.

Finding a dentist that offers affordable dental procedures is now easier and accessible.

Why Choose an Affordable Dentist?

Choosing an affordable dentist near you will make your life easier in many ways. You will be able to provide essential preventive dental care and required dental treatments to your family without any hesitation. As it will also encourage you to commit regularly to your dental checkups and follow ups.

Furthermore, picking the right dentist will make dental care much more accessible in emergency situations. You will be prepared to deal with a dental emergency situation and won’t have to delay necessary treatments because of affordability.

Dental costs are increasing and unfortunately, the need for dental care is increasing with it. While there are many ways to look for an affordable dentist and available discounted services, the best way to save costs is preventive care. Children should be educated about oral hygiene since early childhood so that dental problems could be avoided as much as possible.

How to Find an Affordable Dentist

Even if your visit to the dentist is an annual event, it’s important to find a dentist that isn’t expensive for your own budget. We understand that this may seem like an impossible task, but it’s not. There is so much you can do to find an affordable dentist near you.

The first thing to do is to check your local dental societies. These societies have a list of dental offices situated around you, from which you can narrow down and choose the most affordable option without compromising on quality services.

Another option for those that really need dental care and have no money or insurance, is to visit dental colleges where many final year students are eligible to give dental services at affordable prices as part of their practice. These colleges don’t offer professional dental office-like services, but they are certified to carry out certain treatments and checkups, the costs of which are much lower.

Many local government and state dental programs offer discounted or no-cost dental treatments as well. Several dentists also provide affordable dental plans and financing options that you can benefit from. These include insurance coverage, payment on credit, and discount offers.

Which Dental Procedures Cost the Most?

The price of dental procedures without insurance compared to dental procedures with insurance is a huge different. For patients that do not have dental insurance, the price of a dental cleanings can be about $130 while for those that do have insurance (see list PPO insurance accepted at our offices) will have two cleanings completely covered a year. For cavity filings, patients with insurance can expect 50%-80% coverage; however, patients without insurance can expect a quote at approximately $200. Lastly, dental crown procedures can cost approximately $1100 without insurance compared to around $600 for patients with insurance. Overall we understand and realize that dental care is not on the cheap side, that is why affordable dental costs is a high priority for our office, please contact us in order to ensure your dental coverage.

If you are looking for an affordable dentist near you, Maddison Ave is a great general dentistry for people living in Las Vegas. Our dental office provides affordable financing and insurance options that are available to you along with guaranteed expert dental services.

If you are looking for an affordable dentist near you, visit our website to book appointments and a consultation https://maddisonavedental.com/finance-insurance/.

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3 Types of Teeth Cleanings— Which One Do You Need?

Teeth Cleaning Near Me New

Getting your teeth cleaned is one of the most essential and basic routines you can do to maintain your oral health. Unfortunately, people are often confused about the type of teeth cleaning they need so we are here to help with the confusion.

There are several types of teeth cleaning’s provided by your dentist at Maddison Ave. It can be categorized into 3 main types:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Gross debridement

Our dentist at Maddison Ave in Las Vegas will suggest the type of teeth cleaning you need based on whether you have gum disease or not.

dental check up near me

Regular (Prophylaxis) Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are a sort of preventive care measure. The procedure is performed on patients who have no gum disease and need just routine maintenance to ensure their oral health is in tip-top shape. As general dentists in North Las Vegas our team can perform the procedure which will include removing built-up tartar, plaque, or calculus. Most of the cleaning is done over the surface of the teeth and not around the gums.

This type of cleaning is recommended by dentists every six months to keep your teeth clean and prevent severe oral health problems in the future. The procedure also ensures overall hygiene as plaque and tartar can cause bad breath and can be unhealthy. Unclean plaque in the mouth can also increase the sensitivity of your teeth and cause severe gum disease in the long run.

Regular cleanings are important for preventive care. However, if you have gum disease, you need a deep cleaning.

Deep (Scaling and Root Planing) Cleaning   

A Deep Cleaning is meant for someone who is at a high risk of who is already suffering from gum disease. Gum disease surfaces when plaque or tartar is built-up and reaches the gums. They can affect the gums in severe ways.

A Deep Cleaning ensures that the plaque is not just cleared from the teeth but also from around the gums. It is a more complex procedure that requires 2-3 visits to the dentist. Your dentist in Las Vegas will recommend you a deep cleaning as a treatment procedure for the damage already done.

If you visit the dentist regularly, you might not need a deep cleaning as the plaque and tartar will be cleaned up in regular cleaning procedures without it reaching the gums. However, once it has reached the gums, you may experience symptoms such as bleeding, swelling, or pain.

The process for a Deep Cleaning is non-surgical. However, you will be required to go through follow-up checkups to ensure that there is no remaining plaque.

Gross Debridement

The third type of teeth cleaning is gross debridement. This procedure is done if you have not visited the dentist for over a year and your built-up plaque makes it difficult for the dentist to assess your gums and teeth. This is required when a large amount of plaque and tartar have built-up and they need to be removed from the damaged teeth.

At Maddison Ave Dental in North Las Vegas, we want to help our patients maintain a beautiful smile and good oral hygiene. If you are interested in scheduling a dental teeth cleaning, call our Las Vegas office at (702) 735-9500 to schedule an appointment today.

If you are still unsure why teeth cleanings are important for your proper oral care, below are 5 reasons to encourage regular teeth cleanings.

  1. Help Prevent Cavities – The top layer of film on your teeth that builds up over time is called plaque, and plaque is one of the top causes of tooth decay. Plaque will eat away at tooth enamel which if left untreated will cause a cavity. To reduce plaque buildup you can brush, floss and visit the dentist for dental cleanings.
  2. Fresh Breath – Poor oral hygiene is one of the quickest ways to get bad breath. Receiving a thorough dental cleaning is a proper solution to remove hard to reach areas in the mouth to help keep your breath fresh and clean.
  3. Brighter Smiles –A dental cleaning can remove stains caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking. Dental cleanings will polish your teeth and scrape away plaque that will provide you with a whiter smile.
  4. Help with Tooth Loss – As plaque builds on teeth, gum disease can move down the tooth and proceed into the gums, which causes teeth to loosen and fall out. With regular dental cleanings you can reduce the amount of plaque buildup.
  5. Save Money – By scheduling regular dental cleanings, you can prevent dental conditions that would progress into issues that require procedures. It is much easier to protect your teeth by getting regular dental cleanings to avoid having little problems become large issues.


Maddison Ave is a great option for scheduling dental checkups and teeth cleanings in Las Vegas. You can book an appointment today at: https://maddisonavedental.com/

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Dental Insurance Terminology: Helpful Notes From Your North Las Vegas General Dentist

We realize that sometimes it’s a little difficult to really understand and navigate through all of the legal rules and regulations of the dental healthcare world. That’s why Maddison Ave Dental is here to help you by providing you with this short and precise guide on insurance terminology.

A Basic Glossary

  • Annual Maximum – The maximum amount your policy will pay per year for care at Maddison Ave Dental. It is often divided into costs per individual, or per family if you have a family care plan.
  • Co-payment – A monetary amount the patient pays at the time of service before receiving care, and before the insurance pays for any portion of the care.
  • Covered Services – A list of all the treatments, services, and procedures the insurance policy will cover under your contract.
  • Deductible– A dollar amount that you must pay out of pocket each year before the insurance company will pay for any treatments or procedures
  • Diagnostic/Preventive Services – A category of treatments or procedures that most insurance companies will cover before the deductible which may include services like preventive appointments, X-rays, and evaluations.
  • In-Network and Out-of-Network – A list of providers that are part of an insurance company’s “network”.
    • If you visit in-network providers, the insurance company will typically cover a larger portion of the cost of the care you receive. If you visit someone who is not part of the network, known as an out-of-network provider, the insurance company may pay for a portion of the car but you will pay a significantly larger share from your own pocket.
  • Lifetime Maximum – The maximum amount that an insurance plan will pay toward care for an individual or family (if you have an applicable family plan)
    • This is not a per-year maximum, but rather a maximum that can be paid over the entire life of the patient.
  • Limitations/Exclusions – A list of all the procedures an insurance policy does not cover.
    • Coverage may limit the timing or frequency of a specific treatment or procedure (only covering a certain number within a calendar year), or may exclude some treatments entirely. Knowing the limitations and exclusions of a policy is very important.
  • Member/Insured/Covered Person/Beneficiary/Enrollee– Someone who is eligible to receive benefits under an insurance plan.
  • Providers at Maddison Ave Dental – Dr. Kostika Polena, Dr. Andrew Schneider, Dr. Kathleen Uy, Dr. Matt Welebir, or other oral health specialists who provide treatments.
  • Waiting Period – A specified amount of time that the patient must be enrolled with an insurance plan before it will pay for certain treatments; waiting periods may be waived if you were previously enrolled in another dental insurance plan with a different carrier.

affordable dentist near me

Knowing Your Plan

There are many different insurance options available; we advise that you find out exactly what your insurance covers. It’s important to review your plan with a qualified insurance specialist. At Maddison Ave Dental, we proudly help each and every one of our patients get the care they need when they need it thanks to our insurance care team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding your policy so you can be confident the next time you come in for a treatment at our North Las Vegas dental office.

Contact Us Today

For more information on Maddison Ave Dental for insurance coverage questions or to set an appointment today with one of North Las Vegas’ best dental practices, call (702) 735-9500 or visit our Financing and Insurance page.

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