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Differences between Teeth Cleaning and Whitening You Should Know

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Many of us often confuse teeth cleaning with teeth whitening. The purpose of both dental procedures is to enhance your self-esteem and promote good oral health and hygiene. However, they are completely different procedures.

The major difference is that the teeth cleaning procedure is meant to clean the teeth of plaque and build-up tartar, while teeth whitening is more cosmetic as it aims to remove stains and yellowness for a better appearance. Nonetheless, both procedures are essential to ensure you have a bright, worry-less smile.

What Is the Nature of the Procedures?

The teeth cleaning procedure is essential in order to maintain oral health and hygiene and prevent tooth decay. Any sort of plaque or bacteria build-up in the mouth can affect the gums and teeth, leading to tooth loss. Professional cleaning is necessary every 6 months or so to ensure healthy teeth.

Plaque and tartar build-up are signs of bacteria in the mouth. This may result in a number of other complications such as a stomach infection. Hence, teeth cleanings are a dental need in order to maintain teeth health.

Meanwhile, the teeth whitening procedure is simply a cosmetic procedure that is meant to give a sparkle to your teeth and give you a brighter smile. This procedure is usually not a necessity as many people aren’t bothered by the natural yellowness of the teeth. It is, however, necessary for those who have stained teeth and their self-esteem is affected by it. The procedure itself doesn’t have many oral health benefits, but it is good to improve the appearance of your teeth and how you feel about them.

Who Performs The Procedures?

One of the key differences between teeth cleaning and whitening is the type of dentist you will go to for each procedure. Teeth cleaning can be performed by a general dentist as it includes processes such as scaling, polishing, deep cleaning, or root canals. All these procedures are nonsurgical and can be performed by a general or family dentist.

A teeth whitening procedure, on the other hand, is performed by a cosmetic dentist who has specialized expertise. A cosmetic dentist is trained to carry out a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance and look of your teeth.

What Are the Benefits of the Procedures?

A teeth cleaning procedure has several benefits for your oral health and hygiene. The procedure removes plaque and tartar from your teeth, resulting in a cleaner mouth. Furthermore, cleaning the plaque and bacteria from the mouth prevents risks of tooth decay and loss. If you don’t get rid of the bacteria in the mouth and let it stay for a long time, it can causes gum disease, which eventually affects the health of the tooth and can bring other complicated issues. The teeth cleaning procedure also gives you relief from bad breath that is caused due to infection and bacteria.

The primary benefit of a teeth-whitening procedure is whiter teeth and a brighter smile. This is essential to boost confidence and self-esteem.

Which Whitening Products Should I Use?

Professional teeth whitening kits are equipped with the necessary tools to keep your smile looking bright. The professional teeth whitening kits often come with trays that are designed to mold and fit nicely in your teeth, tubes or syringes for teeth bleaching gel, and a case for the trays.

Over the counter teeth whitening strips are also great for on the go whitening. Crest 3D whitening strips come with strips surfaced with whitening gel that fight stains below the enamel surface. Other forms of whitening strips such as iSmile can also be great sources for teeth whitening products.

Charcoal toothpaste can also be a useful for a whiter smile. Charcoal toothpaste does not only whiten your smile, but it allows for a better clean as well.  Charcoal mixed with your toothpastes allows for the mildly abrasive substance to fight stains below the enamel and on the tooth’s surface. Crest has also introduced whitening strips enhanced with charcoal. These different products may assist you in your aid for a better brighter smile.

In Conclusion

Conclusively, both procedures are different from one another but are highly popular. Teeth whitening can be done at home, but it is advisable to go to a professional. Maddison Ave is offering great procedures for teeth whitening in North Las Vegas for those who want long-lasting whiteness.

If you are looking for “teeth cleaning near me,” then visit Maddison Ave as they are the best at what they do in Las Vegas.


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3 Types of Teeth Cleanings— Which One Do You Need?

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Getting your teeth cleaned is one of the most essential and basic routines you can do to maintain your oral health. Unfortunately, people are often confused about the type of teeth cleaning they need so we are here to help with the confusion.

There are several types of teeth cleaning’s provided by your dentist at Maddison Ave. It can be categorized into 3 main types:

  • Regular cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Gross debridement

Our dentist at Maddison Ave in Las Vegas will suggest the type of teeth cleaning you need based on whether you have gum disease or not.

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Regular (Prophylaxis) Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are a sort of preventive care measure. The procedure is performed on patients who have no gum disease and need just routine maintenance to ensure their oral health is in tip-top shape. As general dentists in North Las Vegas our team can perform the procedure which will include removing built-up tartar, plaque, or calculus. Most of the cleaning is done over the surface of the teeth and not around the gums.

This type of cleaning is recommended by dentists every six months to keep your teeth clean and prevent severe oral health problems in the future. The procedure also ensures overall hygiene as plaque and tartar can cause bad breath and can be unhealthy. Unclean plaque in the mouth can also increase the sensitivity of your teeth and cause severe gum disease in the long run.

Regular cleanings are important for preventive care. However, if you have gum disease, you need a deep cleaning.

Deep (Scaling and Root Planing) Cleaning   

A Deep Cleaning is meant for someone who is at a high risk of who is already suffering from gum disease. Gum disease surfaces when plaque or tartar is built-up and reaches the gums. They can affect the gums in severe ways.

A Deep Cleaning ensures that the plaque is not just cleared from the teeth but also from around the gums. It is a more complex procedure that requires 2-3 visits to the dentist. Your dentist in Las Vegas will recommend you a deep cleaning as a treatment procedure for the damage already done.

If you visit the dentist regularly, you might not need a deep cleaning as the plaque and tartar will be cleaned up in regular cleaning procedures without it reaching the gums. However, once it has reached the gums, you may experience symptoms such as bleeding, swelling, or pain.

The process for a Deep Cleaning is non-surgical. However, you will be required to go through follow-up checkups to ensure that there is no remaining plaque.

Gross Debridement

The third type of teeth cleaning is gross debridement. This procedure is done if you have not visited the dentist for over a year and your built-up plaque makes it difficult for the dentist to assess your gums and teeth. This is required when a large amount of plaque and tartar have built-up and they need to be removed from the damaged teeth.

At Maddison Ave Dental in North Las Vegas, we want to help our patients maintain a beautiful smile and good oral hygiene. If you are interested in scheduling a dental teeth cleaning, call our Las Vegas office at (702) 735-9500 to schedule an appointment today.

If you are still unsure why teeth cleanings are important for your proper oral care, below are 5 reasons to encourage regular teeth cleanings.

  1. Help Prevent Cavities – The top layer of film on your teeth that builds up over time is called plaque, and plaque is one of the top causes of tooth decay. Plaque will eat away at tooth enamel which if left untreated will cause a cavity. To reduce plaque buildup you can brush, floss and visit the dentist for dental cleanings.
  2. Fresh Breath – Poor oral hygiene is one of the quickest ways to get bad breath. Receiving a thorough dental cleaning is a proper solution to remove hard to reach areas in the mouth to help keep your breath fresh and clean.
  3. Brighter Smiles –A dental cleaning can remove stains caused by drinking coffee, tea or smoking. Dental cleanings will polish your teeth and scrape away plaque that will provide you with a whiter smile.
  4. Help with Tooth Loss – As plaque builds on teeth, gum disease can move down the tooth and proceed into the gums, which causes teeth to loosen and fall out. With regular dental cleanings you can reduce the amount of plaque buildup.
  5. Save Money – By scheduling regular dental cleanings, you can prevent dental conditions that would progress into issues that require procedures. It is much easier to protect your teeth by getting regular dental cleanings to avoid having little problems become large issues.


Maddison Ave is a great option for scheduling dental checkups and teeth cleanings in Las Vegas. You can book an appointment today at: https://maddisonavedental.com/

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